Saturday, March 19, 2011

Where was Lugar when Bush Jr started 2 wars without any declaration of war.And Every war the US engaged in since WWII was with no declaration of war.Republicans oppose a democratic president wars,and have no problem with a republican president's wars, and same goes for democrates.The attacks against Pakistan are without any declaration of war at all.Does anyone here actually know how international politics works? Didn't think so. I can appreciate what our president has decided in this moment......a low key, yet importantly interventionist position when you have the power is not too shabby. Our last president waged a full out war on two countries, one on false pretenses and one in the name of a specific individual who cannot be located. If you are upset about war and wasteful spending..... look no further than that.linda 31 minutes ago Report Abuse

any where Muslins are found expect death to follow.What a great legacy.

Like the Muslim bombs at Hiroshima and Nagasaki?
And the Muslim genocide of the Native americans?
And the Muslim German Holocaust killed 6 million jews?
And the SOviet Muslim Gulags in Russia?
And the Muslim Drones and the Muslim Occupation of Palestine?

Really the Christians have killed more of each other in the last century then Muslims have ever killed in a thousand years.

50 million Dead in WWII and he Muslims had nothing to do with it.

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