Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Perhaps the Olympics, FIFA and other worldwide showcases should rethink in the future who they award the games to.
Clearly the Greeks spent way to much money a few short years back not only hosting but rebuilding their country's infrastructure. Ditto with the Portuguese hosting Expo 98 as well as the European Cup a few years ago.
The UK, South Africa and especially Brazil in the next decade are going to go deep into debt and recession because of their commitments to the Olympics and FIFA tournaments.
Brazil, unless they take measured steps NOW to prevent a financial catastrophe- I'm sure their currency will be de-valuated again.

Spain hosted the Olympics in 1992 as well as a World's Fair/EXPO the same year, and frankly I don't think they financially recovered from that, almost 2 decades later.
Shortly after the party people left Spain, their economy went into recession and they tried getting out of it by going on a spending spree.
The same with Portugal. I was in Lisbon last month, the first time since EXPO 98 and was VERY surprised at all the construction.
There seemed to be as many construction cranes as skyscrapers. They have the largest aquarium in Europe and the 4th largest church in the world seating 9000 people- why?
London also had an World Expo recently and is hosting in 2 short years the Summer Olympics. Aren't they in financial trouble too?
No wonder a movie ticket costs $25 US and a nice dinner out (without wine) costs nearly $80US- frightening!

Before any nation decides to take on being center stage for an Olympics, A World Cup, a World's Fair/EXPO, or even the host of a Hair Cutting Conference- they should REALLY do the math first, and perhaps go to that new 9000-seat church in Fatima Portugal and pray for divine guidance!

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