Life is not easy… for anyone. We must have strength, patience, confidence, determination, courage, spirit and last but not least; money! People say, “Money is Not Everything in Life”… but from my observation in surrounding me, everything is. However, the money that is used, it must be for the right reasons. Have a look at the following points… and just take a moment to ponder (jom gali!)…

Money can buy a house
BUT not a home.
Money can buy a bed
BUT not sleep.
Money can buy a clock
BUT not time.
Money can buy a book
BUT not knowledge.
Money can buy food
BUT not appetite.
Money can buy position
BUT not respect.
Money can buy blood
BUT not life.
Money can buy medicine
BUT not health.
Money can buy sex
BUT not love.
Money can buy insurance
BUT not safety.
There are more points to include but these are all the points that I can muster at the moment... ?

Whatever it is, ask yourself, can money really buy the happiness that your heart truly desires??? Or you might be thinking that life is easy without money… Think about it.

p/s: bilalah nak dpt pergi London & Paris ni?
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