Friday 31 January 2014

A challenge to Rafizi Ramli to prove his sincerity

A challenge to Rafizi Ramli to prove his 


Apparently just now there was a live forum at Kelab Bangsar attended by Rafizi Ramli as 
one of it’s panellist.
What was said were telecasted via tweets by @R_Bangsar_Utama as shown below.
It is amazing that the tussle over state political power between Azmin Ali and Khalid 
Ibrahim was pathetically been diverted by Rafizi Ramli as a scheme to rein in the 
“racist” strategy propagated by Umno at national level..
..and in his tears he asked people to punish PKR should they feel their Kajang Move was 
just a scheme to pacify the power struggle in PKR.
There is an easier way.
How about we challenge Rafizi Ramli and his group of PKR schemers and power hungry 
con men, not to put any PKR candidates in the coming Kajang by-election.
That way, people do not have to punish PKR and PKR if they are sincere, do not even have 
to take part, because they had triggered this fiasco and it is only befitting that they stay 
away from it.
This challenge will end till 12pm 31st January 2014 GMT +8.
If PKR do not announce their withdrawal from this by-election, then all sundry will know that 
Rafizi Ramli only shed crocodile tears and their pursuit for power is mainly individualistic 
and selfish. Centred only on one man and Rafizi Ramli as the loyal stooge.
It is sad that once long ago, Rafizi Ramli was thought of as a principled and honest man.

source : jebat must die

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